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Domainer Week

August 26th (1pm Eastern) will be the start of a very special charity week celebrating the domain community. With over 20 FREE panels and interviews session leading up to The Final Domain Social on Friday Sept 3rd.


FEATURING: Ammar Kubba, Andrew Miller, Alvin Brown, Adam Strong, Braden Pollock, Brantly Millegan, Chad Folkening, Chris Zuiker, Darpan Munjal, Dennis Tinerino, Jason Eisler, Jason Sheppard, John Berryhill, Josh Reason, Jothan Frakes, Kamila Sekiewicz, Kate Buckley, Keith DeBoer, Laith Haddad, Margot Bushnaq, Michael Cyger, Morgan Linton, Nat Cohen, Nigel Roberts, Paul Nicks, Roman Edmonds, Ron Jackson, Stevan Lieberman, Todd Ryan, Zak Muscovich and more to come

Domainer Week will be a series of informal discussion panels with the goal of raising funds for the ICA,, third world education, and to fight cancer.

Both admission and sponsorship will be free, while simply asking attendees and sponsors to donate what they feel appropriate.

Subscribe to The Domain Social below for direct access to the zoom links. Sessions will also be streamed to ClubHouse and YouTube.