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Hi Ategy

i am a dnacademy student, had received email from u to get first 2 videos but can’t access the rest as I think maybe because I didn’t subscribe to the zoom so didnt get access to ur videos. your time of zoom is too early for me here in my country so would appreciate very much if you can let have the rest of your videos from 3rd one onwards.

Thank you in advance.


Truly amazing socials, I’m so grateful for them. But I can’t watch them live cause it’s too late in my timezone so I can only watch recordings on Youtube. But there are no new videos since July social. I would greatly appreciate if you could upload new socials. Thanks a lot, keep it up!

Cool .. if you subscribed then you should have already been getting emails. Check your spam if you haven’t. If you can’t find it there then reach out to me (info {at}